Testimonials from Our Customers

We value what our customers think of us and our products. Here are what some of them have shared.


We’ve been operating a Swamp Optics Grenouille 8-20-USB unit at Davidson College for several years; the unit is very helpful in teaching our students about ultrafast pulses and the uncertainty principle. Our students can operate the Grenouille successfully by their third semester of undergraduate physics. We recently developed a problem with the software freezing up.  We sent a note to customer service around late one night and got a response in less than an hour!  Swamp Optics provided us with a clean re-install of the software, and all works great again.  Kudos to Swamp Optics for an incredibly rapid response!


John Yukich

Associate Professor of Physics

Davidson College


We’ve been operating a Swamp Optics Grenouille 15-100-USB unit at University of Southern California for several years. This unit is very helpful in many of our research projects for getting the pulse information for ultrafast laser systems. This unit is very easy to learn to operate (usually take 10 mins to set it up), and the software is clear to read. When saving documents, it gives full information such as temporal/spectral pulse shape and phase info. as well as field info. We recently had a problem in coupling a dispersed beam in, and we sent a note at their website. We got the extreme professional feedback in half a day, and the engineer even had a conference call with us for a live demo and problem solving, after which we worked well again with the unit. Many thanks to Swamp Optics for their timely and professional response and help!


Cong Liu

PhD candidate in Physics and research assistant at University of Southern California


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