SEA TADPOLE measures shaped pulses and/or the complete spatio-temporal intensity and phase.

Once a pulse has been measured using FROG or GRENOUILLE, it can be used as a reference pulse to measure other pulses. Then other techniques can be used. One such technique is Spectral Interferometry (shown below).

But, as simple as this technique appears, generating two collinear beams is actually quite an alignment problem.  SEA TADPOLE solves this and a few other problems with spectral interferometry.

SEA TADPOLE can measure complex shaped pulses in time or frequency.

And by scanning the input-pulse fiber in space, the complete spatio-temporal intensity and phase of an arbitrary pulse can be measured.

Due to the minimal size of the market for SEA TADPOLE and the wide variety of possible configurations, Swamp Optics does not sell a standard SEA TADPOLE product, but it is happy to assist you in building one for a very reasonable cost.

Learn more about SEA TADPOLE on Prof. Trebino's web site.

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