The GRENOUILLE Model 8-50-ECO:  For the first time, complete pulse measurement for less than $10,000!

Without compromising quality, Swamp Optics now offers its first inexpensive GRENOUILLE ECO model, the Model 8-50-ECO, with almost all of the features of the Model 8-50-USB.

The GRENOUILLE Model 8-50-ECO.

The Model 8-50-ECO is essentially the same device as the Model 8-50-USB.  The optics are the same, but the mounts are off-the-shelf inexpensively available products. While no expense was spared to make the Model 8-50-USB the optimal pulse-measurement device, the Model 8-50-ECO was designed to take advantage of economies where possible.  For example, it lacks the Model 8-50-USB's complex and expensive filter wheel, containing several ND filters for the spatial-profile measurement in order to equalize the light energy reaching the camera in the space and time modes.  But it does include a simple slot for your ND filter.


A standard GRENOUILLE feature not supported by the GRENOUILLE ECO models is triggered-single-shot operation.  It can measure one single pulse, but it can't be triggered to measure a specific single pulse in a train of pulses. Also, it does not support the measurement of spatial chirp or pulse front-tilt, although the measured trace clearly indicates these distortions qualitatively.  On the other hand, unlike the Model 8-50-USB, it does include two cameras, so temporal pulse and spatial beam measurements can be made simultaneously.


The GRENOUILLE Model 8-50-ECO comes with its own free software!  It works just as well and as fast as the software used by its more expensive siblings.  It's just free.

Measured FROG trace using the GRENOUILLE Model 8-50-ECO.

The GRENOUILLE Model 8-50-ECO at a glance:


  • Very low cost: under $10,000 including software
  • The pulse intensity and phase vs. time
  • The pulse spectrum and spectral phase vs. wavelength
  • The beam spatial profile
  • Single-shot measurement (untriggered)
  • Very easy to align and use
  • Real-time operation
  • High sensitivity (the same as other GRENOUILLEs)
  • Laptop and USB compatibility



Currently, the only ECO model available is the 8-50-ECO.  But we are planning more ECO models for popular wavelengths and pulse lengths in the future.  Let us know if you're interested.



Download the GRENOUILLE Model 8-50-ECO Brochure and Spec Sheet.

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